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Love It or Leave It: Matt Damon in His Jim-Jams

A photo of Matt Damon at the ICG Publicist Awards

The ICG Publicist Awards were last night, and I don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s an award show, and Matt Damon wore his pajamas.  He showed up to this legit award show (I included a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his suit for comparison) in a flannel robe and pants, slippers, disheveled hair, and the greatest “I just don’t give a fuck” look I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, Matt Damon walked the carpet, took some pictures, and presented an award in his fucking pajamas, and I just think that’s the greatest thing.

Let’s dedicate the next week to living like Matt Damon, ok? Can we make that pledge?  I’ll start by wearing the pajamas I’m in right now through the end of the month and writing an Academy Award-winning screenplay, you guys can follow your own hearts.