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Quotables: Enrique Iglesias Wants You to Know About His Junk

A photo of Enrique Iglesias

“What does Spanish good looks have to do with the size of your penis? They’re completely different things. Maybe I have the Spanish looks but I have the smallest penis in the world. I’m serious. I grew up with a lot of my friends and all of them lost their virginity with hookers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! They had to pay for it. I wanted to wait for the right girl so I waited until I was 25. I was nervous as shit the first time. Usually the first time is not the best. Mine was in my mother’s house. Let me be honest, I was actually 17 and a half… I was really nervous. It lasted ten seconds.”

Enrique Iglesias going on and on at a concert about his penis and all the wonders it can’t hold. Because it’s tiny.

Oh, and just in case you weren’t turned on enough yet, when one if his fans commented that his first time lasted ten minutes, Enrique responded with “Shit, I don’t even last 8 minutes now.”

Hold me back, friends. It just got way too hot in here.

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  • Maybe Enrique wants to clarify what the Spanish looks are, because last time I checked, in this country we have people with freckles from head to toe and people with olive skin. Jesus way to do sweeping generalisations about his own country.

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