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Adam Levine Gets Real About Paparazzi

A photo of Adam Levine

I’ve always liked Maroon 5 a little bit, like I bought their first album when it came out because I dug “She Will Be Loved” (and I won’t pretend that I didn’t clap with joy and sing along enthusiastically when that song came on in the car a few weeks ago), so I guess I’ve always liked Adam Levine a little bit too. But then The Voice happened, and now I LOVE him. I still only listen to that one song, but I think Adam seems like a neat guy. And then he delivered this point of view on the paparazzi, and now I love him even more:

“It is a two-way street, and it is a two-way street in the (way) that you look at it. People want to be famous for some reason, for me, I wanted to be a successful singer, it had less to do with fame. If you’re going to be on television, if you’re going to be a singer, if you’re going to be an actor, there’s gonna be a lot of this that comes with it.

“A lot of people that start hating it, and when it starts consuming them and owning them, (most of the time) they brought it on themselves, sometimes that’s not the case, but to complain about it so passionately is irresponsible because there’s a lot of people with real problems. It’s nothing more than a pain in the ass. They don’t bother me, they don’t stalk me, they don’t stay outside of my house or anything.”

A-f’ing-men, Adam.  Amen.  I know that a lot of times the paparazzi can seem a little annoying and creepy, and of course stalking is never ok, but when people sign on to, oh, I don’t know, star in one of the biggest franchises in preteen girls’ hearts and then when they get hounded for interviews or photographs liken it to rape, that’s a little much for me. It’s not a secret how the media treats celebrities. It’s not a surprise.

On a lighter note, have you heard Maroon 5 do “Pure Imagination”? Perfection.

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  • I don’t think he gets the same degree of stalking than Kirsten Stewart or Scarlett Johansson, so I don’t think he is being fair. I totally see why some actors, like Scarlett Johansson or Penélope Cruz get angry: they do not give interviews and try and keep their lives private, and there are still paparazzi trying to take pictures of them or their children (in Cruz’s case). If you’re Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan and you complain about paparazzi, fuck off, but I don’t think we should say the same for actors who want to keep their private lives away from the cameras and are still being followed around. True, they’re successful, but they don’t want to expose their lives. Almost feel like their success is being punished through stripping them off their privacy. Then again, I wish I were as stalked as they are, because then I would have the millions they have.