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So, When Did Pete Wentz Get Hot?

photo of pete wentz pictures photos

Pete Wentz, for one, was never one that came up on my radar as anything but weird and … weird. I never got the Fall Out Boy thing (except for ‘Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down’ – what a great song, right?), never got the whole ‘attracted to Ashlee Simpson‘ thing, nor did I get the weird hairstyles and all the sappy emo brooding.

That being said, holy hell on these photos of Pete Wentz looking HOT.

Is this what divorcing Ashlee Simpson does to a person? Because if it is, heck. I want in.

Images courtesy of I’m Not Obsessed

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  • I’ve always thought he was incredibly hot. I have to say though… He looks unusually thin and unhealthy in these. Stupid Ashlee Buttface…

  • he cut his hair…made him look like a complete douche. this is much better!
    assley´s hairdos also suck totally – must have attracted them to each other.