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Tallulah and Rumer Willis Have Matching Hair

[Images removed by request]

Boy these Willis girls have unforgettable looks. Seriously. And before y’all go flying off the handle, let it be known that I actually think the Willis girls are beautiful. No one looks like them.

And in related news – better late than never, I guess – did you guys know that Rumer Willis is doing a singing thing? She actually sounds good. Here, listen (Rumer isn’t featured ’til around the minute-thirty mark):


The single’s supposed to drop sometime this month.

Anyway, here’s these two shopping at Whole Foods. I think if I had to pick some people that I’d want to hang out with in Hollywood, Rumer might make the list. And NOT because, you know, I’d be lurking in her step-daddy‘s bathroom during a party in hopes to catch a glimpse of his wang or anything. She just seems cool.

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  • so it’s okay to call people ugly, but not fat? cause this thread is filled with nothing but haters hating on the willis people because they’re “ugly” but if you mosey on over to the alicia keys story, everyone’s defending her pretending like she’s not a fucking disgusting fat ass. at least you can CHANGE being fat.

  • I don’t what it is but there is something I really like about Rumer Willis. She seems like a fun person to hang out with.