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LeAnn Rimes Moves Past the Emaciated Stage, Moves on to Stomach Bloat Phase

photo of skinny leann rimes on the beach in a bikini pictures photos before and after thin hot

Isn’t that, like, on the way to death? When someone gets so skinny that their stomach goes all distended? I mean, that’s what I see, at least, when those horrible commercials featuring starving children across the world. I mean, it’s either that or she’s pregnant. But I have a hard time believing that, just like I have a hard time believing that she’s actually getting regular periods being this skinny*, you know?

Also, it’s amusing: the thinner LeAnn gets, the fatter Nappy McSquintnuts seems to get.

*To be fair, LeAnn is actually looking a bit healthier in some of these photos than she has over the last few months.  But that doesn’t mean she’s still not in danger.  Girl.

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  • dear sweet lord. i went straight past the odd how she can have a pooch belly when theres no muscle there even and on down to the place her bikini SHOULD have been covering. those poor poor children. forced to try and comfort themselves on her bony body and now eye raped by her crotch. her bikini gave up trying and is about 3 inches shy of where it should be. have you no shame woman? have. you. no. shame.

  • If you call that bloat, then you just perpetuate female body issues. That’s what a woman’s stomach looks like when its fit but not crazy Madonna 6-pack. Face it, you make it worse for women when you judge too.

    • yeah I agree with you there, alot of people apparently have never seen a female weightlifter then as I have seen alot of them with the same swell of stomach due to having an absolute minimum of Body fat compared to muscle tone. I dont agree its equal for everyone but each individual person has to make their own choice in life and if she wants to reduce her body fat to near 0 then that’s her choice I have known more than one female body builder that has done the same thing. what ever happened to live and let live in the USA?

  • Little known fact: The core muscles used for lifting stuff without hurting yourself are around the midsection.
    Stop trying to give every other woman an anorexic complex. She doesn’t look fat. Stop trying to forcibly refuel your site.

  • ACTUALLY Mike you are soooo wrong. If LeAnn were in such good shape then we would see her rectus abdominis muscles (there are actually 4 on each side) all connected by the tendinous inscriptions. This is what gives us the SIX PACK look, when in super fit people you can actually see an 8 pack, but 6 pack sounds better… ONE BIG HUGE BULGE like LeeAnn is sporting is NOT muscular and NOT normal unless she is pregnant. If she’s not prego then she’s constipated.. gassy..or some other organ is swollen to make that bulge so obvious. IT IS NOT A MUSCLE. LOL..I had to laugh at you people thinking it’s some kind of magical muscle she just developed out of no where…

  • Geez… maybe she just ate a pretzel or something…

    The girl is not fat people… that is basically the only thing one can say. To go beyond is unfair because you aren’t her so you don’t know… stop speculating!