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Good News, Everybody: The Voice Is Coming Back!

A photo of Blake Shelton, Adame Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Cee-Lo

I know that you guys were on pins and needles, waiting to hear if your new favorite show, The Voice, was going to be coming back for a second season.  I know that you’ve even shed tears over it, just as you did when you saw the inspiring Frenchie Davis show her lovely face on your television once more.  Well, the wait is over, because it’s been confirmed:  The Voice is definitely coming back, as are all four original judges.  Be looking for it around the beginning of next year.

I’m actually kind of excited about this, in all honesty, because I did watch a couple episodes of this show and I loved it.  I didn’t stick it out and pick out favorite contestants and then lose faith in America like I did with American Idol, but I thought the audition process was really fun.  Mostly because you get to see up close what a shallow bitch and total hot mess Christina Aguilera is.  And doesn’t that sound like fun?

Will any of you guys be watching next year?

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  • Wow. Are you kidding me? I distinctly remember Christina Aguilera talking on one episode about how she misses the days when it was all about “the voice” and not how a singer looks. That doesn’t sound shallow to me.

    • Yeah, I (surprisingly) really liked Christina. LOVED Cee-Lo; thought Blake and Adam were putzes.
      I was disappointed that “Fria” Frampton made it to even the final eight—her voice is thinner than my Target t-shirts, ya know?


  • I really really thoroughly enjoyed this show and the judges.
    I only knew of Christina A. but thought they fit so well together and were so good/funny/caring/entertaining that I was hoping they would be back again. I followed it until the end and liked the entire show=how it was presented, the competitions between those who were chosen by each of the judges. You have found a great meld with these 4 judges and for the first time ever, they were fantastic. Funny too!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot imagine it without them as they set the pace and professionalism that was needed. Just perfect. I’m was impressed by all. They really got to pick, which was tough in the end, their best voice and I believe the result was good. The other finalists were fantastic also. Credit to all

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