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Remember Frenchie Davis?

She’s back, you guys!

Frenchie, a one-time American Idol contestant, was kicked off the show rather unceremoniously for being the first contestant to have internet nudes in circulation (the scandal! the outrage!). Eight years later, she’s on television againThe Voice with Christina Aguilera.

She sang Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ and though she’s definitely got a voice, I was more pleased at the mere idea that she was even there. It takes a lot of guts to get kicked down by a show like American Idol after being told you’re unsuitable for family shows, only to get back up, try Broadway and make your dreams come through by other means.

Way to go, girl!

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  • I thought it was a bad choice of song for her voice. I remember her having a big booming voice on AI but “I Kissed a Girl” was definitely made for people like Katy Perry aka people who have no signing ability.