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Britney Spears Releases a Teaser for New “I Wanna Go” Video

From one troubled performer to the next, you know?

Britney Spears, who’s totally kicking ass and taking names for her latest Femme Fatale tour, is also on fire in releasing new videos. The latest to hit the ‘net is “I Wanna Go,” off her Femme Fatale album, and though I definitely am not a song-fan, the video’s straight up OK from what I can see. Why? Well simply put, because the video hits quite close to home: Britney is portrayed as a pink-highlighted menace to society who attacks paparazzi not with an umbrella, but with a lethal microphone projectile. She even busts a guy in his grill! Tell me this is isn’t sooo poetic on a cellular level.

I’m really glad that she’s reemerging from the dust here, and it’s cute if she’s poking fun at her previous situations (if that is, indeed, what she’s doing – yet maybe she doesn’t even see the obvious parallels), but girlfriend still looks like she suffered a mild stroke, and for that? I am sad.