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Britney Spears’ Lollipops Are Laced with Morphine

Britney Spears’ Lollipops Laced with Morphine

So you know those lollipops that Britney’s always sucking on? According to National Enquirer, they’re not so much the sort of candy you’d want your kids to have in their mouths. Rather, they’re the sort of candy you’re afraid your kids will pick up from the pervy old neighbor’s house on Halloween. According to The Enquirer:

Britney was introduced to the “drug lollipops: while on her “ONYX” tour in Europe in 2004, said her friend. In Amsterdam, she visited legal marijuana cafes where the lollipops were sold.

After the tour, Britney found a place to buy marijuana “pops” in Santa Monica, said the source. But the insider claims she soon graduated from marijuana-laced lollipops to pops laced with a morphine-like drug that’s an even more potent narcotic.

“The morphine-laced pops are round and look like gumballs,” said the source. “Britney was photographed with them in New York right before her breakdown. Sometimes she’d pass out after sucking a morphine pop. She mixed it with alcohol and could barely stand up and ended up throwing up.

“Now it is as if she uses the pops as a substitute for pain pills or Vicodin.”

The ‘pops were approved by the FDA in 1998 to treat severe pain in cancer patients. They contain the powerful narcotic painkiller fentanyl citrate. The drug is highly addictive and 80 times more potent than morphine.

Britney, who knows she has to get her shit together if she wants to tour or perform at the upcoming VMAs (she’s hired an agent just to try to land her a spot on the show), has contacted a Hollywood addiction specialist to help her kick the habit. This doc uses a new drug called Suboxone, which allows patients to detox on an outpatient basis. Approved by the FDA in 2002, Suboxone is one of the first addiction-fighting drugs that can be prescribed and administered from a doctor’s office.

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  • Yes, those “lolipops” are actually drugs. They are Rx to cancer victims and people in other forms of terrible pain. Its the new drug of choice for people in the spot light. Looks like a sucker, its actually Fentanyl.
    Fentanyl with an analgesic potency 10,000 times that of morphine, is used in veterinary practice to immobilize certain large animals. It is also used for stage 4 cancer victims.

  • If they’re what I think they are, they’re actually FENTANYL lollipops. Fentanyl is a synthetic heroin analog that’s tons more potent than morphine or “regular” heroin. They’re prescribed to pediatric cancer/major surgery patients.

    • i use fentanyl lollipops they are used for severe pain in cancer patients. i use them along with oramorph. mine r white not coloured???

  • I guess that explains why she looks like shit lately. her body’s in decent condition, but her face…. ick! She’s done some irreparable damage, I think.

  • No…that is not what a Fentanyl lollipop looks like. I have been prescribed them in the past for severe chronic pain..and so has my stepfather. We were prescribed them because we have an EXTREMELY high tolerance to opiates (we were doing BOTTLES of OxyContin 80s every few DAYS…240 to a bottle), so I know all about them. I personally think Britney is on cocaine and Ecstasy, not opiates. She might be getting pot pops though, because I know nothing about them, since I HATE weed. I would bet that she would be doing pot pops before she was doing Fentanyl, simply because that is NOT what Fentanyl lollipops look like. Check it out for yourself though…..

  • Ok..the National Enquirer is full of CRAP about the morphine laced pops. As if anyone should believe them in the first place. I am with Kaiserin on the fentanyl hubby is a dr. and I just asked him about the pops and he said that is NOT what fentanyl pops look like. He said that they are almost cone shaped and white on a white stick. And there is no such thing as a morphine laced least that dr’s or pharmacists know of. Unless it is made in someone’s home or something? And I have never heard of marijuana laced pops..

  • I just want everyone to know that I’m currently remaking that song from the fifties “lollipop”. I’m just doing an in depth study of all lollipops
    marijuana pops, mescaline pops, fetanyl pops and my personel favorite
    ecstasy pops….so please don’t worry it’s only goog old research.

  • The word will be out soon. There is nothing drug related about Britney and her power pop suckers. Give her a break. Why are you all so mean and evil and think the worst.

  • Give me a break the lollipops in the pictures look NOTHING like the Fentanyl “lollipops” (Brand name Actiq). I actually take them for breakthrough pain. I use the Fentanyl long acting patches (change it every 3 days) and for the pain that breaks through the long acting (hence the name, break through) I have the Actiq. I’ve been on concentrated oral morphine liquid, liquid Percocet and Dilaudid by IV (I have a PICC line which is an IV line that stays in for months) but then the generic Dilaudid was recalled or something, my doctor decided he didn’t want me on narcotic injections if it could be avoided, so he started me on those, since taking anything by mouth is futile as my stomach is paralyzed, and I started getting sick when I push things through my jejunostomy feeding tube since my small intestine has started slowing down as well. Not much left for me to take.

    Anyway, it’s NOT to be used by people who are opiate naive, people who haven’t been taking at least 60 mg of oral morphine a day (and equivilants of other narcotics) for a WEEK because of very dangerous side effects like oh…DYING. You’ll stop breathing. So those stupid people who search it out for a “high” will probably end up in the ER, if not dead. But hey, it’s your life, go and do what you want, just know what you’re getting into.

  • Yeah, the actual suckers look like a swab instead of a loli-pop. I was dating a girl that was addicted to them along with some IV drugs.

  • actiq comes in stregnths of 200,400,600,800,1200, and 1600 micrograms, not illigrams. 1 microgram is one millionths of a gram. And yes, actiq is white with gray=200mcg, blue=400mcg, orange=600mcg, purple=800mcg, green=1200mcg, and maroon=1600mcg. Barr Labratory now makes a generic but it’s still ridiculously expensive. All the aforementioned material can be confirmed with 100% veracity….In other words, all of what I’ve said is true.

  • those lolly’s she sucking on look nothing like actiq. they are small white and have a warning at the bottom of the stick aobut 1/2 inch wide.

  • the candy lollipops look nothing like the prescription ones. the candy ones are made of heroin & fentanyl mixed with candy to be sold as a street drug. they definitely exist and are very popular in certain circles.

  • yes indeed they are lolly pops that have substances in them, wow i wish we all could pop by 2 our local pharmacy and pick 1 up. everybody is addicted to something, it may not be as bad as it may seem to the uneducated ppls, too much of anything is bad 4 us. lets just use the drugs and not abuse them hey, know your limits.
    love HighSpace Chairman.

  • People who are excited about morphine lollipops beware: you can and WILL die from sucking them. My friend did.

  • Haha, whoever wrote that is a tool.
    Do some research, and figure out that
    they’re fentanyl lollipops.
    morphine, not so much.
    props to the people who said that down there.
    and mary jane lollipops?
    forget it buddy.

    i hate britney spears, but she isn’t sucking on any laced lollipop in that picture.


  • i love fentanyl, that is def not actiq. i am prescribed patches..if you really wanna get high vaporize the gel. she is just sucking on a normal sucker no doubt, what a bunch of shit.

    morphine pop my ass. the subbuccal bioavailability of morphine would be so shitty that it wouldnt be worth it, meaning it wouldnt do anything to you.

    • I was thinking the same thing. As an opiate user of 6yrs, I can safely say that is definitely not a Fentanyl pop. The only one’s I’ve seen were the white Actiq pops that look kinda like a big Q-tip and I highly doubt the one’s she’s been sucking on are laced with morphine or any opiate for that matter. If they contain drugs at all they’re probably just harmless THC pops, which are more common and look like any typical run-of-the-mill lollipop.

  • This girl is sucking on Power-Pops, a candy that suppress your appetite and get a burst of energy. They contain Hoodia and they are 99% natural!.

  • I am such a brainiac!….First I knocked this skank up!…not once!…but twice!…then I got her hooked up on drugs!
    so she would loose child custody!……so she could just SHOW! ME! THE! MONEY!

  • Why can’t she just have an “Oral fixation” and the lolly is a cock substitute. Is that not waaaaaay more believable?

  • Kevin Federline…is a friggin genius…got Britney hooked on meth and fetanyl pops…then started boning the shit out of her…knocked her up not once but twice…has custody….pay me!…yahhh!bbbbboyyyy!