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This is John Edwards’ Mug Shot

photo of john edwards mugshot pictures photos jail

My first thoughts? What the hell do YOU have to smile about, fucker?

John Edwards, recently charged with charged with conspiracy, four counts of illegal campaign contributions and one count of making a false statement, has a history of bad fortune. He cheated on his ailing wife with some obsessive, attention-seeking campaign bagger, fathered a child whose paternity he vehemently denied for two years, begged a friend to take responsibility for the child that wasn’t his, got ditched by a woman who had weeks to live, and soon after ended up the widower of the woman whose heart he had broken.

Yeah, mad tons and tons to be stoked about. Especially the possibility of that 30-year prison sentence if convicted. Loser.

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  • Maybe I’m looking too far into this… but I’d think that as a politician you wouldn’t want angry or overwhelmed ‘prison’ type photos of yourself out there in the world that could easily land in some internet hall of fame next to Nick Nolte & James Brown. Anyone who comes across this online will just think it’s a regular photo at first glance. I know I did.

    • You could be right Casey. He is a douche and seeing him smile like that is irritating, but it does look like a regular photo.

    • Woooow. Hadn’t thought of it before, but you’re definitely onto his game. He must’ve been grinning in batshit fear of the Smoking Gun (and rightly so).

      I realize it’s hard to be so successful and good-looking, that it’s easy to be bratty when you’re that entitled. But this guy has been calculating, dishonest, malicious and, really, downright evil. Should Edwards have been indicted of a crime? I don’t know, but boy, I hope so.

      On the one hand, I kind of feel bad for my ill-wishes. On the other hand — where I keep logic, emotion, and political-mindedness — I hope he fries.

  • It’s a mug shot for Christ’s sake, and while he didn’t have to come across looking like a serial killer, he shouldn’t have been smiling and looking like a goofy prick either. He’s a disgusting pile of shit. This bastard cheated on his wife, who was dying of inoperable cancer. Not only did he cheat on her, but he fathered a child with the whore too, and repeatedly lied about it.
    WHY THE FUCK IS HE SMILING like some smug sanctimonious sonofabitch?