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John Edwards’ Sex Tape is Locked Up

John Edwards got pretty lucky when it came to his alleged sex tape. It looks like we’re not going to be seeing the footage of him and his mistress, Rielle Hunter any time soon because it’s in the possession of one of his ex-aides.

From People:

Andrew Young, the ex-aide to embattled two-time former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, says he has an alleged sex tape depicting the former senator and his then-mistress Rielle Hunter – and that the tape is in a safe-deposit box.

“We were offered millions for that stupid tape,” he tells PEOPLE. He says he and his wife Cheri found the tape in “a box of trash filled with crinkled paper and tapes” left behind by Hunter. He says they never considered selling it: “We couldn’t live with ourselves.”

Andrew worked for John for nearly nine years, so it’s safe to say that the politician trusts him. Also, Andrew stepped up to the plate for Johnny before and said that he was the father of his pal’s illegitimate child. We all need a friend like that!

Still, let’s not forget who we’re dealing with. I wouldn’t put it past John to cross his pal and for the tape to get released as revenge. We’re talking about a dude who cheated on his cancer-ridden wife with a lady who looks like a transexual, so who knows what could happen?

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  • Um… this post doesn’t completely make sense. Andrew Young is the one who just published a book detailing Edwards’ affair and attempts to cover it up (among other things). Edwards’ attorneys have issued a statement saying the book is full of false information. Doubt that Edwards still trusts his ex-pal.

    • The ex-aide, Andrew Young, is the person who alerted the world to the existence of the sex tape and he’s the person who has allegedly been trying to sell the sex tape.
      Furthermore, he’s the person who has been doing a pretty solid job (perhaps even better than J.E. himself) of degrading any lingering public notions of John Edwards as a noble/respectable man or politician.
      John Edwards and Andrew Young are no longer pals.

      • That’s why John Edwards is hiding Haiti instead of “maning up” and facing the music at home. His fortune is about to shrink like his balls did when he got caught by The Enquirer.

      • Really, Molls? How about doing a little research before writing a post. Andrew Young has been all over the news publicizing his “tell-all” book. Is it really that hard to research and proofread a post before it goes up?

  • He made a freakin’ sex tape! What kind of an arrogant idiot do you have to be, to be a politician with presidential hopes and then make a sex tape with the slut you’re cheating on your wife with? He disgusts me.

  • She kept the tape instead of destroying it completely because she knew she might have to hold him hostage on the baby. Much like Moanica Lewinsky did with the sperm dress. They both knew the value of what they had, and they both are cocksucking whores who’d fuck anyone for a bit of fame and cash.

  • why would this andrew young guy never dream of showing it to others but has not destroyed it?
    you don’t save something in a safe deposit box unless you have alternatives in mind that would involve blackmail or making some serious cash.
    so i say bullshit on saying “we couldn’t live with ourselves.” if they sold it!

    clearly this guy is just as scummy as his former boss.

  • ahh .. I don’t know how “safe” that john edwards sex tape is since I just watched it at

    You can see it is obviously John Edwards, but it’s not so easy to identify the woman…. but she does look pregnant. Let me say this … Edwards has no future as a porn star.