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Lindsay Lohan Is Having Such A Super Time On House Arrest!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Are you having a bad summer so far?  Do you need to have a little fun in the sun?  Then I suggest breaking a bunch of laws. That’s what Lindsay did, and she’s having the best summer ever! She’s been doing some modelling on her roof and hanging out in swimwear, and just this Sunday she had a sweet barbecue for her friends!  What more could a convict ask for?

What do you think will happen the next time Lindsay breaks the law and gets punished?  She’ll probably get put on house arrest in a carnival with a petting zoo and free cotton candy, huh?  But don’t worry, it would be a really tough punishment. Like, the Ferris wheel shuts down around 10:00 and it would probably take a few days for her to learn how to make the cotton candy all by herself.  God, the legal system in this country is so tough.