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Nicolas Cage’s Son Weston Snaps

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Remember Cage‘s son, Weston? The one who just got married last month or something? Well, he’s on his first vacation sans-wife already: he’s been institutionalized for a psychological breakdown. In layman’s terms, boyfriend went crazy.

Word on the street says that Weston was out to lunch with his trainer, and when his trainer suggested some tasty morsel off the menu, Weston flipped the fuck out and couldn’t be calmed until police arrived with their good old-fashion sedation tools. Weston Cage v. The Taser? THE TASER WINS. Weston’s since been hospitalized for his episode.

Reps for Nicolas and family have not commented publicly, but if they did, I’d expect the incident to be blamed on the drunkenness of daddy. Poor Weston. Imagine having to grow up with a fruitbat like Nic. It’s really no wonder he snapped under all that strain.

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