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Nikki Reed is Still Dating That Creeper Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed Are Still Dating [PICS]

Apparently Nikki Reed doesn’t care for my advice, because she was seen out last night holding hands with American Idol‘s #1 Creeper, Paul McDonald.

Of course I don’t know whether or not Paul is actually a skeezy dude, but he gives me super weird vibes and I think he might be a little bit of a user. I’m not happy that Scotty took home the American Idol grand prize, but I’m just glad it wasn’t Paul. I don’t think I’d be comfortable having this dude sneak on to my radar for the next several years. At least I’m pretty sure that once Nikki comes to her senses, he’ll fade into obscurity like the rest of the Idols.

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  • you’re so pathetic. you admit you don’t know anything about paul, but you publish this b.s.? if you’re a fan of nikki, you’d have an iota of respect for her judgment. paul is a great guy.

  • WTF? Are you serious!? Nikki and Paul couldn’t be any cuter! And what do you mean creeper!? He seems like such a nice guy! Watch any interviews of him ! Plus, seeing as they have been dating for quite some time now, I’m sure nikki has figured out whether he is a “creeper” or not by not. Grow up. They are obviously happy together.

  • I love Paul, but it was pretty much his time to go (although I think he should have out lasted Stefano at least and maybe Jacob). I hope he’s able to translate the American Idol exposure into more success for his band because I actually REALLY like all the stuff he did with The Grand Magnolias. I’m listening to the album rn and it’s pretty great.