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Paul McDonald

Ha! OMG, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Did a Music Video Together

Oh man, consider me slayed. Positively ripped the f-ck up. You know what the best-worst part is about the whole thing? I love this song! I love it! No joke – it’s so cute! I mean, Paul McDonald is trying way to hard to sound like Dylan (obviously), but that’s kind of his thing, I guess, and there’s a lingering part of me waiting for Nikki to reach over and take a giant bite out of his carotid (suppose I’ve been watching too many Twilight movies), but I can overlook all of these things because it’s really all so wonderful, isn’t it!

I guess the best part about the two of these lovesick fools is that Nikki is just as creepily infatuated with Paul as he is with her.

These guys are going to be forever, aren’t they? I suppose they will *always* be a thing, and isn’t that actually kind of beautiful?

Surprise: Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed Are Getting Married Today!

A photo of Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed

If you’ll recall, darling (creepy?) Paul McDonald from American Idol and Nikki Reed from them Twilight movies are very, very in love. So in love that they got engaged after two months of dating (and meeting), and now they’re getting married just four months after that! It makes the heart sing, doesn’t it?

Here are all the details that we know so far:

-Paul is going to be jamming with his band at the reception.

-Stefano from Paul’s season of American Idol will also be performing.

-Alexa Vega, the kickass girl from Spy Kids, will be Nikki’s maid of honor.

Are you guys excited for them or what?!

An Update on Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald, And Their Eternal Love

A photo of Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed

How are you guys feeling about that crazy little couple that could, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald? They started dating in April, kept creeping through May, and got engaged in June. What a whirlwind romance, right?  What else could these wacky lovers get into this month?

One word: tattoos.

Yes, in the vein of many a young lover, Nikki and Paul got matching tattoos to commemorate their undying love for each other. Specifically, they got each other’s names tattooed on their right ring fingers.  Charming, right?

I don’t know, a lot of people don’t believe in these two, but I feel like I’ve got to.  I’ve got to stand up for this love, you guys, and I’m going to keep on standing for it until one of them gently passes away in the other’s arms, years and years from now, or Nikki get screwed for skipping the prenup. Whichever comes first.