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And Then Some Celebrities Just Waste Their Money on Stupid BS

photo of justin bieber's stewie bling necklace pictures photos pics

See, now, we just get finished talking about how fabulous and selfless and awesome Brad Pitt and company is, and we’re feeling good and feeling high and all loving on our fellow human beings and then … this. This stupid fucking UGLY monstrosity of a monumental waste of twenty-five thousand dollars that could have been a mere tax deduction at the end of the year for one of the richer performers in this hemisphere.


Any idea who the owner of this tacky piece of crap is?

Jump in to find out.

photo of justin bieber wasting his money on a stewie 25k pendant necklace pictures photos

Yup. I’m sure you probably could have guessed. It was either Bieber or, I don’t know, like Steve-O from Jackass, but let’s be honest: Steve-O doesn’t have 25 grand just lying around these days, and even if he did, he’d probably just fucking dip it in shit and eat it instead.

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