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Brad Pitt Wants to Save the World, One Nature-Ravaged Area at a Time

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Think what you want of Brad Pitt because of his ‘affair’ with Angelina Jolie, but he’s just a fabulous man all around. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Brad and his posse swooped in and built a fabulous array of affordable, semi-indestructible homes for victims who’d lost everything. He donated time and energy to the Haitian earthquake relief effort, and now claims that he’ll be traveling to Missouri to help out the victims of the recent flooding that’s taken over the middle of the country:

“I spent a lot of time in Joppa, MO. My grandparents are from there and it is about 50 or 60 miles from where I grew up, so we’re looking into it now. … My thoughts are certainly with (the victims) and of course a lot of them will be coming out in the next few days, they have a big mountain ahead of them. I wish them the best.”

Some guys have it all: the looks, the charm, the talent, the moral fiber, the empathy for his fellow human being, and of course, one of the most beautiful women, bar-none, on the face of the earth, as his partner. That dude’d be Brad Pitt, and it’s so refreshing and admirable to see someone with such a pull in the celebrity world (and one that has tons of cash on hand at that) do the right thing these days.

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