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Last Night’s American Idol Showdown: Who’s Gonna Win This Thing Tonight?

So nope, I still haven’t watched a lick of Idol this year. Even last night. Can you believe it? I mean, I used to be a HARDCORE Idol fan, but the show lost its luster for me over the past few years. Plus? I bought The Aristocats for my daughter this past week and it FINALLY arrived in yesterday’s mail. So you know what was taking precedence last night, what was REALLY going to go down. Regardless, like a good celebrity gossip blogger, I made sure I briefed myself on what happened last night, so that I could totally take a part in being partial to one contestant or the other and go all gung-ho for the next twelve hours. I may as well jump in head-first – it’s the show’s last night, after all.

Check it out if you missed it, too.

Scotty McCreery:

Lauren Alaina:

I just think it’s so nuts that the show went totally country this year, you know? Mind blower. But after sitting through both of these performances in the wee hours of the morning, I have to say that I’m rooting for Scotty, even if Lauren’s song was a total tearjerker. I’m not in the mood to be all sentimental first thing in the morning – I’ve got to warm up to that shit.

So … Who’s going to take it tonight?

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