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Love It Or Leave It: Dakota Fanning’s Breezy Airport Ensemble

Photo of Dakota Fanning Looking Cute at LAX [PICS]

Who is that easy-breezy Hollywood starlet steppin’ out at LAX? Why it’s little Dakota Fanning, all grown up, lookin’ like a regular ol’ L.A. gal with those carefully torn boyfriend jeans and chunky platforms.

Check out that luggage with the LVs and the Ray-Ban-ish glasses. There’s a girl who truly gets how to incorporate contemporary style into her day-to-day look! Sure, she’s wearing shoes that border on Gaga and the light pink really doesn’t do much for her skin tone, but hey! She’s been famous since she was four and she could buy all of us, so who am I to say anything?

But for real: Aren’t you glad this girl seems kinda normal? Remember when she was coming up and people were like, “Oh, that girl’s going to be CRAZY once she’s older?” Everyone seemed to think that about her and the little dude from The Sixth Sense and only one of them wound up being a total failure.

Props, Dakotez!

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