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Looks Like Maria Shriver’s Probably Going to Do the Whole Divorce Bit

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After being practically steamrolled by fucked up information over the past week, Maria Shriver went and hired a prominent LA divorce attorney to counsel her and review her matrimonial rights.

Though sources close to Maria claim that she’s still up in the air as to whether or not to pull the plug on her marriage, she’s keeping all of her options open by, you know, finding out what those options are.

Me? Well hell. I’m a ‘cross me once and you’re dead to me, motherfucker’ kind of gal when it comes to infidelity, but I don’t hold onto anger. I’d up and leave and it’d be the end of it. I’d be sad, I’d be disappointed, but I wouldn’t go wreaking any kind of havoc in my own life or in anyone else’s, for that matter. However? If I found out that I’d been LIED TO for over ten years about something that may or may not have been a one-time thing and that had rendered some pretty fucking permanent results, I’d be LIVID.  That’d be a horse of an entirely different color there.

Would you guys be apt to forgive? Would you maybe not even hesitate to pull the plug on a marriage just bursting at the seams with lies?

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