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Britney Might Still Be Batshit Crazy, But She’s Looking the Best She Has in Years

photo of britney spears playing at wango tango concert in la pictures photos

Here are some more recent photos of Britney’s gradual recovery. She was photographed playing a concert in LA this past Saturday, and she’s looking really well these days.

… I mean, even if she IS missing an acrylic nail off of one of her pinky fingers and her eyebrows STILL look like they belong on the lady that used to come into the grocery store that I worked in during high school – the one who kind of had wild, unfocused eyes, drew half of her brows on and left the other half to grow where they saw fit, and who also looped dark brown lipliner in giant arcs above her top lip.

The lady always carried a floral-print burlap bag, and one day, the bag actually spilled over in the store. I approached the woman and helped pick up her belongings (OK, more because I wanted to see what the fuck she kept in that bag than just being a good samaritan and helping her out, but being nice did have a part to play). The bag’s contents consisted of miniature stuffed dogs, a lemon (which, to this day I’m STILL convinced she lifted), decade-old TV Guides, forty different Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks, all mostly of a dark brown shade, two pairs of socks, marbles in a ripped plastic bag, a neti pot (?), and hypodermic needles (I know, I was like GTFO, I’m totally not touching these).

Anyway, I’m glad that Britney’s trying so hard and looking so good these days. If anyone deserves a total recovery, it’s definitely Britney.