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Um, Jordan Catalano is Looking Hot Again

Terry Richardson and Jared Leto were snappin’ some pics in NY the other day and ummm… Hi, Jared Leto. When did you get hot again and may I have a word with you in my office?

Not to perv out on the dude, but I’ve had a crush on this guy since I was maybe 12-years-old and he was the object of Claire Danes’ affection on My So-Called Life. Seeing him look fat, weird and gross the past few years was a major bummer, but I’d gotten used to it. He’s apparently shed those extra pounds and is channeling Jordan’s bad boy ways because, yo… Dude’s lookin’ so fine. Like, FOINE.

Is this all because of Kurt Cobain?

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  • It was so disappointing how he turned out. He had so much potential. Such a shame.
    I dont recall him ever being fat, then again I can’t even look at him these days without wanting to cry.
    Jordan Catalano 4eva.

  • He gained weight for Chapter 27 but that was years ago. I think he’s been a lil on the THIN side the last 2 years or so. He is so HOT, I sure do lust after him.

    Sundance runs My So-Called Life epsiodes…

    He attended high school here in Ma. he went to Newton North and I lived 10 min away in Boston,and I KNOW we had to have been in the mall at the same time in 1989!!!! LOL!

  • Hey! Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?! He gained weight BECAUSE he was doing a movie called “Chapter 27” (google it!). He STAYED HOT apart from that! ALWAYS! And while you’re at it, google “30 Seconds to Mars” and discover a revolution…