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The Most Fabulous Road Trip That Ever Happened

A photo of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson

Take Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson up there, then throw in Marlon Brando, and you have the main characters in the best story I’ve ever heard.

Picture it:  September 10th, 2001.  Michael Jackson has a concert at Madison Square Garden, and, of course, he invites his besties, Liz and Marlon.  The three have a grand night, but the next morning, 9/11 happens.  They try to get a private jet to take them out of New York, and when that couldn’t happen, they settled for the next best thing: road trip!!!

Liz did the smart road trip move, the move I always pull, and hung out in the backseat while the boys drove.  Do you think she waved at other cars and recklessly tried to reach the radio because she was over listening to whatever bullshit Michael wanted to jam?  That’s what I do.  Anyway, Marlon was the bitch of the road trip, the one who kept wanting to stop at KFC.  I’m not even speculating there, Marlon Brando really did love his KFC that much. Vanity Fair said so.

They made it to Ohio before they decided it was all right to stop the grand adventure, and what an adventure it must have been.

This whole magical tale came to light after Vanity Fair interviewed some of Liz’s pals for a little retrospective in next month’s issue. And just in case you  have any doubts to the legitimacy of this story, let me just tell you that Corey Feldman backed it up.  And, like many other great men, Corey Feldman cannot tell a lie.

Do you guys have any fun road trip stories?