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  • He had written it from the perspective of Shania (a woman) while he was watching her interview on Oprah when Shania had talked about her husband cheating on her. It wasn’t against men as a man, it was against men as a woman cheated.

    That’s what he meant by, “It honestly wasn’t even meant that way…”

  • “It honestly wasn’t even meant that way… I now know that their (sic) are people out there waiting to jump at everything I say on here or anywhere.”
    THEIR??? Their are people out there? He can’t even fucking spell, and he’s a writter? Give me a break. I don’t think what he said was homophobic in any way, shape, or form, by the way.

  • If a woman posted that on twitter everyone would shout GIRL POWER!

    It’s not homophobic. Unwanted sexual advances are unwanted sexual advances whether homosexual or heterosexual.

    • Kristy, women get harassed on the street every fucking day. You can’t expect the same reaction when we don’t get the same treatment. I don’t know if you’re a girl, but if you are, think about how many times you’ve been leered at/shouted at/propositioned, and then ask a man. I will keep on shouting GIRL POWER for as long as the statistic saying that 1 in 4 women will be raped within their lifetime stays true.

  • Dont have to be able to spell to be an accomplished song WRITER (or in your words ‘writter’) I also know Blake & he is NOT a homophobe…not at all. He always goes for a grab of guys junk & the odd kiss here & So to those of you low life bloggers & columnist, to comment on someone I believe you should know him first before expressing your ignorance! However even if he were a homophobe…so what!! I personally am not a homophobe but if there were a homosexual advance made to me in such a way as stated “touching my behind” then yeah…I would blacken his eyes. Going to touch me in a way that satisfys you then I will respond in kind! Enough said!!