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Love It or Leave It: Elisabetta Canalis Goes Nekkid for PETA

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I was going to be super-offensive and say ‘George Clooney’s girlfriend goes nekkid for PETA,’ but after two Lady Gaga posts, you guys are probably on edge as it is. I’ll try not to provoke you too much for the rest of the day.

Anyhoo, Elisabetta Canalis and her dumb tribal armband (seriously. I mean SERIOUSLY) posed as naked as a jaybird for PETA’s latest celebrity-endorsement campaign, and not only did she do it willingly, she did it HAPPILY. According to Elisabetta:

“Doing PETA’s campaign has always been my dream. This is the best reason why I get naked in my life.”

… The ‘best reason’ why she gets naked in her life, huh? I’d be thinking having George Clooney go down on me would be the best reason why I’d get naked in my life but hey. Some people have priorities, I guess.

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  • …. Thank God her ankles are wide enough to cover her… Umm…. “Lower Lady Parts.” So I guess we should all thank God for small favors.

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