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Great News, Everyone: Ryan Phillippe Is NOT Quitting Acting!

A photo of Ryan Phillippe

I could tell just how worried everyone was yesterday when you learned that Ryan Phillippe was ending his acting career.  I was in the exact same boat – what, you think just any pretty boy can do the kind of work Ryan did in MacGruber? – but now we can file yesterday away as just a terrible, disturbing dream and go back to watching Cruel Intentions for the 57th time, because Ryan’s not going anywhere:

Despite a report that Ryan Phillippe is planning on quitting acting, a rep for the actor told Access that is actor is, in fact, not retiring from Hollywood anytime soon. “He’s been talking about expanding his talents to producing and directing, but he has no plans to stop acting nor did he ever say that he was considering doing so,” his rep told Access.

I don’t believe I’ve ever let out such a sigh of relief.  Whoever misconstrued Ryan’s original statement to make it seem like he was going to hide his light under a bushel basket should be very strongly reprimanded for causing such agony.  Are you getting my heavy-handed sarcasm yet?  Nobody cares about Ryan Phillippe, but he’s going to keep on truckin’ anyway. That’s what this has all been about, and, in a way, that’s the the saddest part of all.