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Love It or Leave It: Lea Michele Does Her Best Impression of an Easter Egg

photo of lea michele on set of glee pictures photos

Happy Easter, you guys! Well, belated Easter. Did you all have a super day, do anything fun, eat tons of good food? It was HOT here yesterday – I think it’s the first time that I’ve celebrated Easter when it was 86 degrees and sunny. I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Easter often symbolized heavy coats over pretty, wishfully-Spring dresses, the possibility of snow and cranking the heat up while watching The Ten Commandments and passing out on the couch with a bloated bellyful of ham and kielbasa. Not yesterday, though – the day was filled with hot sun and delish food, practicing my golf swing in the backyard and showing off my Easter egg-colored manicure.

And speaking of Easter eggs, that darling Lea Michele was photographed on the set of Glee yesterday, celebrating Easter by looking like Easter. The bunny, Peeps, and all. She’s such a funny girl, that Lea.

Hope your Easter was super, too!

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