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Hilary Duff’s Getting Her Tats Removed

Hilary Duff was photographed leaving a tattoo removal place in Encino yesterday and I’m like, “Damn, Hilary, could have told you this was going to happen.”

The actress got at least one of her seven tattoos removed. As you can see in these photos, the tat that used to read “thick as thieves” is no longer on her forearm. I’m guessing she may have gotten some other tats removed, too. Why else would she be wearing a cotton dress with her hair down that covers all of her ankle and neck ink?

I have no idea why Hilary had the tattoos removed, but I’m guessing now that she’s a little older, it didn’t make sense to walk around with all of those childish sayings and designs on her body. Hey, Miley, you may wanna take notes.

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  • Did the shine one fade away? I wonder how much tats she has now. we can only see the visible ones. I know some of my friends’ tats done on feet/hands fade away. She loves her tats too much to get them all removed I predict. She probably didn’t like how it came out or the font besides she got it just a month ago I think with her sis, I bet she’ll have a new one. I think anything goingup double digits is enough but I’m too squeamish to get them though I like most of Hil’s tattos they are small and easy to hide etc but Miley’s eeek, she’s done some biggies. One thing, don’t they bandage you after treatment?