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So Here’s a Photo of Tyra Banks With No Makeup

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Alright, well not this IMMEDIATE photo, because I wanted you guys to make sure you knew what girlfriend looks like in the daylight, with probably tons of makeup and under super-special lighting, because Tyra Banks, though crazy as a burning house of bats on acid about different things, is still a beautiful, beautiful woman.

And the no-makeup photo, which is after the jump, is definitely still a photo of a beautiful woman who’s been gifted with natural beauty, but once again, I stick to my guns that almost anyone can be as striking as a supermodel with the invention of Photoshop and airbrushing.

Check out Lady Tyra in her natural glory.

photo of tyra banks no makeup celebrity supermodel photos pictures

Image courtesy of Media TakeOut

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  • I think if she can find a happy medium between this, and the ten pounds of slap she cakes on for red carpets she would look absolutely dazzling.
    That said, I would kill (legit KILL) for her cheekbones.

  • The first picture of her isn’t showing. You know, the one where her eyes don’t look like they’re about to explode. Seriously, her eyes look huge here. In the alien type of way.