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Top Model Contestants Strive for Authenticity


It’s not enough to just act crazy when the Tyra Mail comes or when the camera pans in your direction. The “models” have decided that you have to be willing to pull major shenanigans or cut a bitch just to get in the door.

Apparently, there was some scuffling amongst the model hopefuls waiting for to audition, and this was compounded by the fact that chicks were pissing in cups and fainting because they heard that if you step out of line you can’t get back in. The thing that really set it off though was when a car pulled up next to the line belching smoke and someone yelled “FIRE!”

Naturally (weave is very flammable) the women fled. At that point some dude jumped out of the car and started snatchin bags. At the end of it all, 3 were under arrest, 6 had been injured, and the sidewalk had become a magical carpet of clear heels, eye lash glue, glitter, and feather boas.

Tyra has yet to make a statement, but I guarantee you this will come up not only on ANTM, but all over the Tyra Banks show as well. She’s probably too busy practicing her “horrified” reaction face to bother with the press.

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  • maybe it’s because I just woke up, but I didn’t really find this funny. Just really sad.

    • I love that everyone who reads this blog is crazy about correct grammar and spelling. Is it really that important? Soilel’s posts are fine…stop being so critical.

      • I actually disagree. I tend to think that something being published (in print or online) for the masses to read should be grammatically correct. And considering Beet is usually such a stickler about it in her own work (she is next to perfect, in fact), and pointed out that it was one of the actual job requirements when Soleil was hired, I think she needs to work a little bit harder to achieve that perfection. I mean, if she can’t be prompt to post, and tends to not be very funny, the very least she could do is be grammatically correct.

      • I agree mostly with Sharon. If your job is writing, you should probably just pay more attention. When I turn in any papers, I make sure to go over them several times to make sure I catch any mistakes.

        Typos and misspellings drive me crazy. Some of us think that grammar and spelling is very important. We are just nerds like that.

  • I drove 6+ hours to the auditions in Jacksonville, Florida and a similar thing happened. Auditions were at 2pm, I arrived at 9am and was one of the first 100 people to get in line. It was a HORRIBLE experience. We waited in line for more than 8 hours in the heat/sun. The CW people had the line wrap around the block and eventually the back of the line overlapped the front of the line. Around 3 or 4, girls who were at the very end of the line (who had pretty much just shown up) got cut because the CW people were only letting in a certain number of people and after that number they told girls to go home. Instead of going home, the girls at the end of the line started sneaking in/meshing with the girls at the front of the line, with most of them being successful due to the ineptitude of the CW people running the audition.

    Chaos ensued. Eventually it became a screaming match between many of the girls who now had to fight for their place in line because of these terrible girls who were being unfair and lying about where they were in line. The CW people did absolutely nothing. They were horribly unorganized and absolutely under qualified to be able to handle an event with that many people. In the end they tucked their tails between their legs and walked around just watching as things escalated. They let it go on for about 30 minutes before they completely shut down the whole thing. They had only seen maybe 40-50 girls, many of which were girls from the end of the line. The situation was much more detailed than this, but this is basically what went down. I was pretty close to the door when it was shut down. It sucks that a few ignorant girls who showed up hours after the audition started, decided to ruin it for everyone.

    To make the aforementioned worse, people were passing out from the heat, etc, and the cops who showed up began making fun of us. One cop got on his speaker and said “The bad news is, the audition is shut down. The good news is, you sweated for nothing.” A girl yelled “what an a-hole!” He retorted, “Say it again and I’ll arrest you for harassing a police officer.”… No lie…

    Also, Most of the girls there did not send in videos and applications because they were planning on going to the tryouts. The tryouts were on Saturday, the deadline for the video submissions was Tuesday, and it is very unlikely any of them were able to create a good video, transfer it to a VHS and mail it by Monday afternoon, hoping it would get there by Tuesday….Especially when you consider that most of them were not from Jacksonville and had to drive on Sunday to go home and most of them probably work on Monday.

    Anyway, thought I would share. It was a horrible experience. Hopefully the other auditions will go better than these did.

  • One must suffer to be beautiful, or at least, to be America’s Next Top Model. That’s a given – these so-called reality shows are uncomfortable and unfair by their nature.

    It sounds like they are poorly organized, which is a shame. Maybe they should have a preselection process in which the applicants have to submit photos and a tape, instead of having interminable lines. There will probably be lawsuits now, which are expensive and damaging. I hope that they prevent this sort of chaos in the future, because I enjoy the show.

    At some point, Tyra will get tired of it, and will feel rich enough so that she doesn’t want to keep doing it, and I hope that organization will improve.

  • If you’re a genuinely pretty girl don’t bother showing up, the women they pick for the show are ugly and have little chance of being actual models. One year they had a girl on with scabs all over her face, this year they have a girl with burns, and other girls are fat, out of shape and have unremarkable features. The few truly beautiful girls that manage to actually get on the show get cut by Tyra’s jealousy. Notice how she always sends the pretty white girls to get makeovers that involve cutting off all their hair? Racist muich Tyra?

    • oh come on. It is not just the white girls that ever get extreme make-overs. I hate when people accuse others of being racist for something stupid like this.

      • I have been watching the show for years and have never seen her give a makeover to a black chick that made her cry. She seems to get joy from chopping off the hair of white girls with really thick pretty long hair. It’s no secret Tyra wears a weave so, yeh, sounds like jealousy/racism to me. The black girls always get fitted with hair extensions or braids. And why do the prettiest white girls always get sent home but totally average looking black girls get to stay week after week? Look at the current cast, how many of those black girls to you honestly think are model material? There were totally gorgeous white girls at this year’s audition who were sent packing. Why?

    • WTF are you talking about? First of all, if you consider the models on the show fat, I really, really don’t want to see what YOU look like. Secondly, the girl with burns is lovely, even if her burn marks (which can easily be covered) are not so much.

      Lastly, um, what the hell is wrong with you reverse-racist types? Have you even seen this season? Two girls got really short haircuts this time. One is hispanic (i.e. not white), and the other is black (again, not white). I’m sure you complain about the existence of the BET channel too; that seems to be a sore spot with you types.

      • The girl with burns may be a nice girl but she will NEVER make it in the real world as a model. And she is in fact overweight, in her swimsuit she had a flabby ass. The show is called Top Model not top average nice girl. Get a clue and take a look at any top fashion magazine, models do not look like that.

      • omg that’s soooo weird. I totally thought it was called America’s Next Top Average Nice Girl. how embarrassing!!!

  • Ugh, I hate Tyra, she’s so ridiculously self-absorbed. Not to mention she looks like absolute shit 90% of the time, including this photo.

  • The person didn’t yell “fire” they yelled “its a bomb” at an overheating car by the doors to the building they were auditioning in…. Just wanted you to know the facts :)

  • I love that fa white insecure girls can hide behind a keyboard and project their insecurities and hate for themselves and turn it into racist issue. You are ridiculous,and need to seek help . Also for your information many celebrities wear weaves black and white ,ignoramus . Its about being versatile,and Tyra has beautiful real hair that she on occasion wears out . so get our acts straight before you embarrass yourself again..God doesn’t like ugly so you better hide