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19How Do We Feel About Lady Gaga’s Album Cover?

A photo of Lady Gaga's album cover

I feel like we’ve been talking about Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” for several years.  Like it seems that Gaga’s been building up this hype for her new album since I was in middle school, and now, the moment is nigh.  The album itself won’t be released until May, but late last night, the Lady decided to give all her Twitter followers a little gift:  the album cover for Born This Way.

Can I be the first to say “what the fuck is this?”  See, I thought that when Lady Gaga said that she was born this way, she was talking about something else entirely.  I didn’t think “half woman, half motorcycle” was even an option.  Well, whatever. Shows what I know, I guess. Lady Gaga is wacky for days, and shame on me for ever thinking different.

But really, this is just silly, right?  Do any of you Lady Gaga fans actually dig this cover?  Do any of you Lady Gaga fans actually read this blog?

April 16, 2011 at 9:00 am by Emily
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19 Responses to “How Do We Feel About Lady Gaga’s Album Cover?”

  1. AC says:

    This is so beyond ridiculous that I think I like it. But then, I had to go back and respell “ridiculous” properly, because the first time it came out looking like a spell from the Harry Potter franchise.

  2. pufinstuf says:

    Completely asinine. I don’t even like the font used at the top.

  3. LeShawn says:

    I GUESS this means that motorcycles were and still kind of are a symbol for rebellion – life outside the norm – rejection of the status quo – and by this album cover she is conveying that not only her but her music is a symbol of a rejection of the status quo we have all been taught to accept and believe….but I still think it’s shit lol

  4. Lachie says:

    I am a HUGE GaGa fan, but this cover is f**king ridiculous. There’s only ever been a few things she has done I disagree with and this is one of them.

  5. LeShawn says:

    Actually THIS COULD BE FAKE!!!! GaGa’s peeps said that the REAL cover will appear in 3 days…

  6. Roxie says:

    Any image in which a woman is turned into a literal object freaks me out.

  7. FedCop says:

    It’s a bad copy of a Meatloaf album. I hope it’s a joke (just like her talent).

  8. B-Dog says:

    She tries way too hard.

  9. mireee says:

    I hope not, it looks cheap.

  10. emsiizilla says:

    I’m a huge Gaga fan, and I read this blog!

    Apparently, this cover was a joke.

  11. Stacey says:

    It’s a neat photo…but for the inside jacket of the album. Not the cover.

  12. Jacob Gaga says:

    I love her. I’m her biggest little monster. this cover is shit.

  13. leonardo says:

    FedCop you are such an ************************* ****************************** **********************************

  14. Dick Trickle says:

    Someone should flush this pile of shit before it starts to stink

  15. johdeh says:

    I wanna ride it.

  16. gnome says:

    I think it looks cool <3

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