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Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Just Rape Women, He’s Homophobic, Too!

Y’all have probably heard by now that Kobe Bryant called a referee a “f*cking f*ggot” (sorry, normally I don’t censor myself here, but those words are pretty gross to type next to each other,) during a game the other night, but I certainly didn’t think that much would come from it. That kind of behavior, regardless of what people say, is unfortunately common in the world of sports. But yo! The NBA slammed him with a $100,000 fine for his hateful speech.

NBA commissioner David Stern said in a public statement, “Kobe Bryant’s comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable. While I’m fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated.”

And what did Kobe have to say about his hateful language? Same ol’ excuses/denial/excuses/denial as usual. He spoke to an ESPN radio show and said, “The comment that I made, even though it wasn’t meant in the way it was perceived to be, is nonetheless wrong, so it’s important to own that. It’s important for me to talk about that issue because it’s OK to be who you are and I don’t want this issue to be a part of something or to magnify something that shouldn’t be.”

Oh wow, Kobe! “Owning” your behavior, but never directly apologizing for it. What are you, a misbehaved teenage girl? Charlie Sheen? And thanks so much for saying that it’s okay for people to be who they are. What a learning experience for all of us, you disgusting rapist.

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  • sucks that a group of people ‘just being who they are’ has become an insult for a little boy to spew, just being who he is. gross.

  • What an idiotic article. I cannot even fathom the unintelligible thought process that took place in the build up to writing that article.

    How you’ve drawn the conclusion between a sports player angry abuse of a referee and homophobia is an extremely long bow.

    God have mercy for those who are unfortunate to have read your diatribe.