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NBA Star Jason Collins Comes Out; Basketball Players Tweet Their Reactions

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Jason Collins, NBA player since 2001, came out as gay. I don’t know anything about sports, like, at all, but I know that it’s a big deal for an athlete to come out. TMZ says that this makes him, “the first major active American male pro athlete to come out of the closet.”

Mr. Collins spoke to Sports Illustrated. Here’s what he had to say (via TMZ):

I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.

I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.

I’m glad I can stop hiding and refocus on my 13th NBA season.

Kobe Bryant (ugh) and Ex Mr. Eva Longoria (that’s how we know him here in the celeb gossip world, tbh) Tony Parker tweeted their messages of support and congratulations. From Bryant:

Proud of @jasoncollins34. Don’t suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others.

You know Bryant was the first to tweet something supportive after his incredibly stupid homophobic statement in 2011.

And from Mr. Parker:

Really hope people will RESPECT Jason Collins for his decision to come out. Just glad he can now relax and not be afraid to be who he is.

NFL player Mike Wallace (Miami Dolphins) tweeted a less than supportive reaction:

All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH (shakin’ my head) …

Jesus Christ, dude. Wallace retracted the tweet and then tweeted this explanation:

Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don’t understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended.

I kind of understand now where he’s coming from. He’s not a jerk, he’s just clueless. I guess?

This is Kobe’s Half-hearted Apology for Using the Word ‘F*ggot’

This? Is Kobe Bryant’s idea of an apology. OK, well not really Kobe‘s idea, probably, but the enforced idea that will allow him to remain a good old basketball player in the eyes of the world, and not a homophobic, accused-rapist twat who can barely string two words together that aren’t filled with hate for people who don’t have the same pushy, unrelenting sexual orientation as he does.

Anyway, this is his video. I think it says a lot about a person, what they call people or how they talk to others when they’re angry or disappointed, and from here on out, I’m just flat-out not a Kobe fan, half-assed apology or not.

I know that I probably sound crazy over this whole thing, but the word ‘faggot’ is just as offensive to me as ‘retarded’ is to some of you. Different strokes for different folks, guys, and isn’t that what it’s all about at the end of the day anyway?

Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Just Rape Women, He’s Homophobic, Too!

Y’all have probably heard by now that Kobe Bryant called a referee a “f*cking f*ggot” (sorry, normally I don’t censor myself here, but those words are pretty gross to type next to each other,) during a game the other night, but I certainly didn’t think that much would come from it. That kind of behavior, regardless of what people say, is unfortunately common in the world of sports. But yo! The NBA slammed him with a $100,000 fine for his hateful speech.

NBA commissioner David Stern said in a public statement, “Kobe Bryant’s comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable. While I’m fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated.”

And what did Kobe have to say about his hateful language? Same ol’ excuses/denial/excuses/denial as usual. He spoke to an ESPN radio show and said, “The comment that I made, even though it wasn’t meant in the way it was perceived to be, is nonetheless wrong, so it’s important to own that. It’s important for me to talk about that issue because it’s OK to be who you are and I don’t want this issue to be a part of something or to magnify something that shouldn’t be.”

Oh wow, Kobe! “Owning” your behavior, but never directly apologizing for it. What are you, a misbehaved teenage girl? Charlie Sheen? And thanks so much for saying that it’s okay for people to be who they are. What a learning experience for all of us, you disgusting rapist.