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Lebron gets tattoo to honer Kobe Bryant

Lebron James made no secret of his pain over the lose of his good friend and fellow Laker, Kobe Bryant, in Sunday’s heli crash.  It seem’s now bron is ready to start cementing that pain into something he can see and touch.

Wednesday night, Both LeBron and Anthony Davis hit up tattoo artist Vanessa Aurelia and Bron posted a boomarang to his insta showing he was getting inked on his leg.

Fast forward to Thursday and the Lakers were on the field outside of their El Segundo practice facility and Brons ink was clearly seen.  Even if it is covered in plastic.  Most are pretty sure the image is of a Black Mamba, which is a nick name of Kobe’s.   Under is some text that most feel says “Kobe 4 Life”.

Sweet. Hope it helps heal some of the pain. I doubt it but it’s a start.