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Taylor Swift Covers Mumford and Sons, I’m Like “Ugh”

I don’t get Taylor Swift at all.  Can anyone explain her appeal to me?  I get that she’s cute, I’ll accept that, but it’s almost overwhelming how much I don’t care about her music.  But Mumford and Sons?  Oh man, you don’t even know.  Back in February I went through a period of about two weeks in which the only music I listened to was Mumford and Sons, and trust me, pretty much all my socially retarded self does is listen to music.

All that being said, I don’t think TayTay’s cover of “White Blank Page” is the worst thing I’ve ever heard, which I sincerely mean as a compliment.  She does a pretty decent job considering, you know, she’s Taylor Swift, and besides, look at how hard she’s feeling it. She means these words, you guys, and she means them from the depths of her soul.  Think she’s pining over Jake still?

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  • please, please don’t use the word retarded. In any sense of it’s slang or joking manner. It’s just not cool. There are so many other ways to describe being a little awkward in public. not trying to be a jerk or a bully here, but rather ask you in a kind and conscience way to change a bad habit.

    • retarded means to be slow socially retarded means to be slow or underdeveloped socially so get over yourself and use a dictionary

  • She is a massive meh. Plus, her music is about how important it is not to lose your virginity #FAIL. On the other hands, Mumford and Sons are <3 <3 She murdered the song. Boo.

  • Frankly, I find her the most annoying out of the whole Disney/teenage/look-at-me-im-pure-and-can-kinda-sing klan. I can’t stand it when assholes like her cover legitimate musicians. Its like when Bieber compared himself to Cobain. YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE WITH YOUR SUPERIOR/HOLY THAN THOUGH BULLSHIT. GO BACK TO PLAYING WITH LEGO.

    • Ugh! He did?!?!? Who put that sh*t in his head? He ain’t a patch on that ratty green cardigan . . .

  • Ugh, I LOVE Mumford and Sons, so to see that T Swift (whom I loathe) had covered one of their songs gave me a serious case of the angries. At the rate this is going (“this” being barely-talented hacks shitting all over incredible music), Kim Kardashian will be putting out Bon Iver covers in a month :P

  • You know, not a fan of hers, but she sounded good. She obviously respects the material and I enjoyed her performance of this song more than any of her own songs.

  • Don’t shoot me but I’ve never heard of Mumford and Sons and I wasn’t particularly impressed with the video you linked to. As a purely objective by-stander, I think she did a really good cover and I liked the blue grass twang they injected into it.