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Courtney Love’s On VYou and It’s The Best Thing Ever

Courtney Love got a VYou page, you guys. If you don’t know what VYou is, basically it’s a place where people can anonymously ask you questions that you later record a video response to. It’s fun. I have a page and I update it often. Feel free to harass me on there.

BACK TO COURTNEY. She’s only answered five questions on her account so far, but all of them are pertaining to her sobriety, which is obviously a super interesting topic. So far she’s dished on the Osbournes (she claims she saved Kelly from ODing twice and that Jack once provided her with oxycontin,) and her own sobriety (more or less sober, but she did drink a bit and do “a bump” of cocaine earlier this year.)

I know a lot of you can’t stand this lady, but I happen to be one of those folks who could listen to her crazy ass blab all day long. Something about trying to track her train of thought just really does it for me.

Anyway, y’all should get hip to VYou, get an account and ask Courtney some questions. This is an amazing chance to interact with (or infuriate) a living rock legend (who probably killed her husband.)

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