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Ashlee Simpson Is The Worst Ex

First there was the news of Ashlee’s unattractive behavior in the impending custody battle, then the girl rebounded with a friend of Pete’s, and now this.

See, one of the most popular, most likely theories regarding this couple’s divorce is that Pete really, really doesn’t want it to happen. And now he’s going on tour for a month, and you know what Ashlee does?  She takes him out for lunch to “boost his spirits before he left.”  Twice.

I hate this move so much.  I know that Ashlee and Pete have a child, but this wasn’t a visit, this was a play.  You can’t stretch out that “Pieces of Me” money when you have to pay those legal fees, right Ashlee?

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  • Okay, so this story was linked in the “Morning Wood” section. Interestingly, the article it was linked to called her a good ex-wife.

  • I always kinda thought he was a bit of a D-bag… but dang. I feel kinda sorry for the schmuck now. I know that feeling all to well.