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Anna Kendrick Comes Clean About Her Addiction

I’ll just save you the time of skimming the post for the word “cocaine” or “pain killers”… Homegirl’s addicted to Angry Birds. You know, that game that housewives and fat dudes are always playing on their iPhones?

Anna went to the grad opening of a restaurant last night and told the folks at that she thinks her Angry Birds addiction might warrant a visit from Dr. Drew or Jeff VanVonderen any day now. The Twilight actress said, “Oh, actually, I was playing it in the car on the way over here, is that bad? No, I have like 3 stars on every level. It’s disgusting how much I play that game. It’s not like ‘Oh, what level am I on,’ It’s like ‘Do I need therapy to break myself from playing Angry Birds?’”

I personally have never played this game, but I feel like it’s all anyone talks about these days (besides Charlie Sheen and like, actual world news.) Can any of you Angry Bird addicts out there tell me what makes the game so very awesome and why it’s so addictive?

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