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Love It or Leave it: Raven-Symone?’s Short Hair

Actress Raven-Symone? showed off a short haircut while performing at a Disney Showcase in Florida over the weekend and yo: It is really nice to see this chick without some overly-styled extensions up in that dome of hers.

When she was a kid, she did the braided look, the last few years she was rocking the heavy weave look and finally she’s doing something with her hair that shows off her best asset: her face. I don’t think I realized how pretty Raven is until I saw these pictures. All that hair was doing her a serious disservice. Sucks she probably spent like, a bajillion dollars to keep that gross look up for so long.

Also, and this is awkward to say, but did she maybe get her double chin “taken care of?” It seems as though her jowls were always on the plumper side and her face is looking skinnnnyyyyyy.

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