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The Quotables That Made Me Spit Diet Mountain Dew All Over My Brand New Mac


“Of course, I know that little heifer!”

Debbie Allen, speaking to Us Magazine, acknowledging that she knows Raven-Symone.  Raven-Symone, the heifer.

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  • Why does she always look uncomfortable in her clothing……everytime I see her I just start breathing for her….LOL just looks like she is all crammed and no place to go.

    • all of you are no life losers for even bothering to respond to it. i wonder what you all look like in your clothes.

  • She looks one cheeseburger away from 10 guys holding ropes to her ass in the Thanksgiving parade…I guess she’ll be on Celebrity Fit Club soon.

  • the truth hurts….I’m with the other posters……Celeb Fit club…and something more longterm too, like a new diet regimine…..she’s not even a “good” thick….unhealthy…..and when a mentor calls you a heifer….take note……she hope she can look as good as Phylicia Rashad or Debbi Allen at 30! eat some cherrios or somethin’

  • I’m not with everyone else. No, she’s not thin, but her boobs are huge & that can really make you looks larger than you are. A girl I worked w/ got a reduction & everyone was soo surprised at how much thinner it made her look. Also even if she is over weight or fat or whatever I think Debbie’s comments are mean. People don’t lose weight w/ someone making negative comments about them.

  • She’s not skinny but she is very top heavy. I agree that it makes her look bigger than she probably is.

  • debbie loves raven. Heifer is a term that we use down south, and it’s not a negative term. you know, you might say to your sister ” where you been, heifer. I happen to know Debbie’s and Raven’s relationship goes all the way back to the Cosby Show and Debbie is a mentor of Raven’s. She directed her show and they love each other. Everybody hates Raven, so ANYTHING that can in any way seem negative, people run with it. Team RAVEN.

    • I live in the south and I don’t know anybody that uses the word Heifer as anything other than an insult. On the other hand, I do have friends that frequently call each other C*nt so I guess to each group it’s own…

      • I’m also from the south and we use Heifer in both negative and positive ways. It just depends. You really have to hear how she said it. You can’t get much from just reading it out of context.

      • I think it’s mostly a Texas thing. I’ve lived all over the South, and only really heard it in Texas.

  • You forgot to finish out the quote. It says:

    ‘Of course, I know that little heifer! I love that girl.'”

    I agree with Kelly Mac. Heifer is not a derogatory remark to some. My co-worker is from the South and she uses that phrase on a daily basis.

  • yeah this is so stupid. i don’t even live in the south, i live in the midwest and the black chicks at my school ALWAYS said heifer to each other..sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way, usually good natured teasing. obviously since she said she loves raven it was meant as a term of endearment. such ridiculous sensationalism

  • After frantic research which involved Google Images, one pepsi and about 10mins of my time I have come to a conclusion. Raven is still sexy.