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Ke$ha Tries to Be All Hot and Stuff for Maxim

photo of kesha for maxim hot pictures

While my friends and I were busy trying to figure out whether Ke$ha would smell like half-rotted fish, stale bottom-shelf menthol cigarettes, and unwashed scalp, Ke$ha went and did this photo shoot for Maxim, cheesily titled ‘She Will Rock You,’ and blew our general suppositions all to hell. We scrambled like frightened birds, totally thrown by the potential for a ‘hot’ Ke$ha and had to regroup a day later to reconvene our think tank.

Now I think she probably smells like the inside of an unused condom (awright, you caught me – I really meant used) PLUS all that other stuff. You know what sweating in latex reeks like after three or four hours … don’t you?

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