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Willow Smith’s Video for ’21st Century Girl’ is Here I Guess

Well. OK. The song itself, predictably, makes me want to cut my ears off and bury them in the sand next to girlfriend’s guitar, in hopes that her raucous unearthing of said guitar doesn’t disturb my poor, severed ears so that they may rot in peace and solitude for all eternity. I also want to die quite a bit every time I hear little Willow say ‘I like to rock the beat,’ because THEN all I can think of that stupid-assed lilty-voiced yodel that Ke$ha does in ALL OF HER FUCKING SONGS.

On the positive side, I do know that I’d totally love the video and song both if I was eight again, and then I feel bad for bashing it to begin with. ‘The little girl’s ten years old, Sarah, ffs.’ I KNOW, alright?

And lastly? I don’t get the old lady in the beginning. Can someone with a deeper intellect than I apparently possess explain it to me?

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  • the old woman is her African Shamanistic ancestry… something like that… the resurrected bones of the old woman’s lost hopes… the 20th century corrector of all the wrongs…

  • It’s not a bad pop song in my opinion. I’d much rather kids listen to this than most of the other shit that is out there.

  • Old woman = ancestry/roots/female legacy & power/history. This connects with the progression from her to a modern city and the passing on of the butterfly to the little girl. Also, love her t: “Boys Need Training.”

    In the fourth grade I had to report on a biography dressed in the character of the subject of the book. It was Amelia Earhart (I somehow found an awesome bomber jacket). I’ve been a feminist ever since. I feel like Willow’s songs will be that moment for many a young girl today. Yay!

  • Will someone put her in a room and lock the door. Its bad enough she is annoying but she does look like a tranny Will Smith.