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And BTW, @CharlieSheen Isn’t Really Charlie Sheen

The over one million people that started following Charlie Sheen on Twitter within the first two days of him joining are probably going to be disappointed to learn that The Sheenius isn’t actually Tweeting himself.

From RadarOnline:

On TV Guide’s Hollywood 411, airing Friday at 8pm Eastern, 7 Central,’s Senior Executive Editor @dylanshoward tells host Chris Harrison, “I’ll let you know a secret. He doesn’t actually do the tweets himself. He has a “tweet-master” as he calls it. He calls this person on the traditional cell phone, or the house phone when I was there, and says the message that he wants out.”

Charlie’s “Tweet Master” aka ghost Tweeter is actually some dude by the name of Bob Maron, and all I know about him is that he has less Twitter followers than me and the link on his account leads to a designer knockoff watch online store. I’d also be willing to bet that Charlie has called in approximately zero of the Tweets posted to his account and is just throwing this Bob dude a couple of 8 balls and the Goddesses for a night here and there.

He’s playing us like a damn fiddle! Don’t believe the hype!

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  • Wow. I know this guy. He’s a good person. Also, he’s best friends with John Mayer… Google JM and Bob Maron. They go everywhere together.

      • Hmmmmm.. Idk. He’s not a well known guy, just has friends in high places. I’d love to find out how he and Sheen met and collaborated this Twitter idea.

  • And I’d be really disappointed to find out if he is getting something from Sheen for doing this. He has a beautiful wife and four daughters to look out for. Makes me wonder if they know about his extracurirculars and how’d theyd feel about it..