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Guess Who: Which Celeb Wife Has Let Herself Go?

If I were to spot a woman with this figure on the beach, I wouldn’t think much of it. This is how most Americans look in their swimwear (if you deny that, you’re either clueless or too snobby to function), plus, she looks a bit older, like perhaps she’s had some kids and many years of birthday cake in her past. But if you told me that this was the wife of a well-known actor who we’ve seen in the spotlight on-and-off for years, I’d be semi-shocked.

Click through to find out what formerly thin and semi-famous lady this is…It’s Pierce Brosnan‘s wife Keely Shaye Smith!

I’m not hating, I’m really not. If anything, the fact that Pierce loves a woman with curves makes him even sexier. I plan on packing on the pounds once I’m not a single twenty-something idiot aimlessly running around LA, too. I just would never, in a million bajillion years guessed that this American mom-type walking around the beach with it all hanging out was the wife of one of the hunkiest dudes of all time.

It almost brings a tear to my cat chihuahua lady eye.

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  • Maybe it’s me, but her head seems way too small in the bikini pic for her body. Either she is a second cousin to Beetlejuice or maybe there is some photoshop magic going on!

  • I’ve seen this series of pictures of her before and think she’s gorgeous. She as well as her husband have dedicated a great portion of their lives helping those less fortunate thru a number of charitable organizations. She has beautiful, healthy, well adjusted children and has chosen to keep them out of the Hollywood spotlight that’s so damaging to children. She’s a REAL role model for women. In a world full of Lindsay Lohans, Paris Hiltons and Charlie Sheens, I’m thrilled to see a Hollywood family that’s done it right.

    • You probably weigh 250+ lbs too. She might be beautiful on the inside but the real dmage to children would be seeing her and thinking that’s ok. This woman, if she hasn’t already, will develop serious health problems due to her obesity and I certainly wouldn’t want my children emulating that.

      • shes not obese..learn about bmi. shes got cellulite..which is actually genetics and has nothing to do with how much or how often she eats. a skinny girl can have cellulite too. look at that one girl from the oc..skinny as hell, but cellulite none the less. you never saw it on the show b/c camera angles are a wonderful is editing. and before you acuse me of the “crime” of being fat. I am 103lbs

  • she’s a celeb wife wright? so she must look 4 a personal professional trainer before she explodes. look at all that cellulite disgusting 4 a women 2 have. if she cant afford a trainer she can always go to the gym or wake up every morning and joge.lady u look awfull start burning off that fat and cellulite before u loose ur husband. NO MAN WANTS A FAT SHAPELESS WOMEN.

    • your wrong. Men love bigger women too…you just dont like them, which is fine and your choice. heres a side woman want a man that thinks like you..really.

  • I think he might secretly abuse her emotionally and she is hiding in food. How do we know how he is at home? Look at what Meredith Baxter came out with in her book. Is she maybe just the mom and he is looking elsewhere now?

  • She has been big for a minute. She is however a fairly nice person, in other words she’s not a bitch. A bit demanding but then who in Hollywood hasn’t ever been bit by the Hollywood gimme gimme I deserve it curse. Besides I’m sure we all can afford to loose a little around the edges. Peace out kids…

  • I met Pierce at the St. Reagis hotel in Kauai about the time these were taken. Seems like a really cool guy. More power to her for leting it all hang out.

  • Every man’s worst nightmare about marriage…Too many women after they get married and give birth a couple times do let themselves go and become strangers to their heartbroken husbands.

    I would divorce her for this…Same goes when husbands change for the worse…It is a serious mental breakdown as well as physical–depressing as hell.

    Pierce could go gay over this.

  • When a women does this to herself it just tells you that she wants to be treated like a pig. A good husband will do just that…feed her all the left over table scraps and roll her like the filthy animal she’s become.

    This is why god made young mistresses.

  • Its so sad how certain people of this world are so superficial and shallow. He may love her just the way that she is and has not a problem. Perhaps he can see what is under her extra lbs. so f’en what? I bet most of you all are all alone with no one and or are with some one but feels sooo insignificant in order to build their esteem they attack others.
    so text book the one who throw stones but have not even crawled from under their rock.

    • Let me guess, you must be fat. Seriously, why do you even come to a celeb gossip site if superficial and shallow people upset you??

      • wow, you are a total b***tch. samantha, how much do you weigh. you are perfect and beautiful,right …….probably not.

  • Samantha,

    You must grossly fat yourself. Pierce should be proud. He has more of a woman to handle now than ever before…

  • Reading some of these comments seriously make me want to reach out and choke some of you however misguided freaks… feed her table scraps and some other crap… did you read these before you posted them? Im guess your life is fab so you feel you can cast aspersions on someone else. I think the golden rule would and should be in this case when you point that finger there are four more pointing back at you. For the dip* that said she certainly didnt want her children to emulate her… emulate her body fat what how about you start training your kids to emulate you. Like with walking the walk and talking the talk. You and peope like you scare me for what you have brought into the world in the first place. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OR RATHER DONT POST IF YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE OR HELPFUL. WOW

  • People age and put on weight. That’s what people do. You don’t stop loving someone just because their weight fluctuates, ffs. Emotions don’t work like that. If she wants to lose the weight, she will. It will be her choice, and I certainly hope that if she makes that choice, it is for her and her family, and not for a bunch of losers posting on the internet.

  • Working as a former model and ballet dancer I can tell you that our weight tends to fluctuate quite a bit. Its also MISERABLE when your working. You work out 6-10 hours a day to maintain a models body, MORE if you are a dancer You simply done eat hardly at all. bulimia and anorexia are the norm..if not required to maintain a “red carpet” diet. anyone who says different is LYING! When not working we…eat. lookin the mirrror, and if you have no flaws at cant knock this chick. Until then, check your own legs..maybe a touch of cellulite? A wrinkle here or there? Or were you all born perfect? As a young ballerina turned model around 13-14 years old, my calorie restrictions were 400 or less a day.

  • I also love how the majority or offensive comments came from men..heres a secret for you….lovely men..the girls in maxim and your other mens magazines are AIRBRUSHED. If you saw the same woman in real life and put her next to her photos…they would look barely anything alike. Trade secret gentlemen. I wouldnt feed you table scraps if you were dying of hunger..Plus, open your eyes and realize that the images you see arent real and in the flesh, they are fake and computer generated to smooth skin lines, cover flaws, etc… the way, do you have a small penis? You seem to have a complex.

  • J’aimerais bien voir ce dont vous avez l’air en maillot de bain…

    Je suis certaine que monsieur Brosnan préfère sa femme ronde et vivante, plutôt que de se retrouver veuf durant 10 ans, comme il l’a déjà été.

    L’amour ne se mesure pas au tour de taille; l’amour véritable est inconditionnel.


  • Melissa u are not 102 mOre like 203 or u
    Wouldn’t keep mentioning it , u are probably ugly too
    . Bottom line pierce will bounce uf this cow doesnt Lose
    weight. He must be so embarrrased

    • Psul, you even spelled your name wrong, you poor creature, no to mention your numerous mistakes further into your comment. With this in mind, speaking about other people’s flaws is both ridiculous and pathetic.

      Melissa most certainly speaks the truth about the reality of the models’ and dancers’ world/s. As for her weight, she has just as much right to claim credibility for her statement, as you do, by stating an opinion thus claiming you have an actual thought process going on – we most certainly DON’T have any evidence for the latter, but still let you have your say, right?

      As for Peter, more power to him for obviously loving her the way she is. Which is why he seems so happy and balanced, and here presented lonely, pathetic fellows are left with their perfect, cellulite-less… ARM. Enjoy it boys, that’s as good as it would get for you anyway.

  • I know how it is. 23 years ago I married my first love. She was 17, fit, and as gorgeous as a model. After having three kids, her body changed. And its been a real challenge for her. Gaining weight that won’t come off no matter what you try. Early aging. Hormones. Acne. It’s tough for women to look picture perfect like we all do when we are in our youth. But I have to say. I could care less about the 17 year old. She’s 40 now and I love her to death. When you spend years building something with someone, nothing else stands in the way. I am looking forward to many more years with my wife. Cant imagine my life without her.