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Pierce Brosnan

In Honor Of The Day, My Husband Was Named ‘Sexiest Irishman’


I can’t believe he didn’t tell me!  I am sure he just wanted to surprise me with the news, but my husband Pierce Brosnan was named ‘Sexiest Irishman’ in a YouGov survey.

So, you know the sick kid I mentioned?  Some say she’s my daughter but now I’m just calling her “Betrayer.”  While I was fixated on my Pierce porn, and really…that is a great name for a porn star, Betrayer informed me that not only was Brosnan not my husband, but that the wife he hired for photo-ops, since I shun the spotlight, was prettier than me.  Now, I’m not even in Keely Shaye-Smith’s league?

I have to sign off for awhile and do some boarding school research.  Back soon.

Have Your Eyes Ever Known Such Beauty?

God.  Look at him.  Absolute perfection.  Pierce Brosnan today at The 2008 Breeders’ Cup Thoroughbred Championships in Santa Anita Park, California.  Also there was John Corbett who is still with Bo Derek.

PS-Note to Beet:  How did we not have a Pierce Brosnan category before today?  Madness I tell you.