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Mariah Carey Is Pregnant, Whiny, and I Hate Her

Strong words?  Maybe.  But check out this video of Mariah on the Home Shopping Network and think about how mediocre her albums have been since Butterfly, then look me in the face and tell me that you don’t feel the same way.  I’ll wait.

I just can’t wait until Mariah finally brings those those two little bundles of joy into the world.  For one, she’ll stop talking nonsense then, at least for a little while, and for two, you know she’s going to show those babies to the whole entire world. She’s going to Anne Geddes those little children of hers for as long as she can – it’s going to be a great sight to see.  That is, if I can ever unsee the image of Mariah with her feet propped up, whining the most annoying whine at the poor HSN crew. Fingers crossed, you guys.