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Damn. Two Mariah posts in a single day. Two Mariah posts within just a few hours. This has gotta be a Christmas miracle.

Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon, announced earlier this morning that the couple is, indeed, having twins. Cannon broke the news on his radio show today and confirmed the speculation that had been swirling around Mariah’s womb, as she’s been looking a bit bigger than she normally would if she were carrying, say, just one baby instead of two.

Congrats to the couple and their full-fledged family – if I were an aunt, I’d spoil these babies to high heaven, and why? Because what’s better than one newborn baby? TWO NEWBORN BABIES!

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  • Christ, nobody’s going to know until she actually gives birth. I just read this morning that they’re denying she’s going to have twins.

  • Sammy, Nick Cannon said on his radio show that they are having twins. If you go to and read the full story you can read exactly what he said.

  • mariah is very very old im 28 and remember her as a little girl..i think she should keep her personal life on low low i love mariah but its not cute its like shes nick’s mom or robbing the cradle it just doesnt work for her u can look at her shes almost over the hill…..if not already..