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This is What Pregnant Mariah Carey is Like

Mariah Carey is for sure preggo and she’s talking about it openly and everything. Yesterday she was on Ellen’s show getting grilled about her impending motherhood when Ellen asked if she could guess the sex of the baby. Are you ready for what Mariah said to her, Lambs? You’ll die. Ready? When Ellen asked if she could guess the baby’s sex, this is what Mariah said, “I would prefer not. Because imagine if you’re a baby inside someone’s body. Do you really want someone imposing their sex ideas on you? Not really? I’m just saying. Would you want them to be like it’s definitely a girl … would you?”

Well no, Mariah Carey, I would guess that very famous lesbian Ellen DeGeneres wouldn’t want someone imposing their sex ideas on her.

Annnnyyyyway… The interview was pretty funny. Mariah also said she won’t be pushing pink on her baby, regardless of their sex, “I’m not going to impose pink on a girl. Do you think I’m really going to go that hard with it? That’s how you get the exact opposite.”

So, we’ve learned a few things. 1) Mariah doesn’t want you talking about her baby’s gender while her baby can hear you inside of her, 2) Mariah believes that nurture is stronger than nature and, 3) Apparently “impose” was on her Word of the Day calendar recently.

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  • Both examples she said “girl”, which means she’s hoping it’s gonna be a girl. WAY TO IMPOSE ON YOUR FETUS, MARIAH.

  • “3) Apparently “impose” was on her Word of the Day calendar recently.”


  • There is evidence that people talk to fetuses differently if they know the gender, using more aggressive words with boys and softer words with girls. Moms are actually the worst culprits so if she didn’t want it to happen she shouldn’t know herself. I actually applaud her for this, there really is no point to know. The kid doesn’t really care if the walls are pink or blue, as long as there’s a warm body to sleep next to and full boob.