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Guess What D-List Singer/Actor is in Rehab!

I’ll give you guys three hints:

1. He’s got an older brother who is rumored as big a douchebag as the younger sibling is, and they have the same color hair.

2. My best friend used to be in love with the older brother’s boy band, and her younger sister used to pine for the younger, runtier, rat-looking one. (OK, that’s a trick question – they both rather looked like rats.)

3. The singer/actor appeared in big film hits such as Popstar, 7th Heaven, and Fat Albert.

Have your guesses? Tally them up and then jump in to find out who it is.

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photo of aaron carter drunk high pictures

Yup, if you guessed Aaron Crater (not a typo), then you’re absolutely right. Boyfriend checked into a treatment facility for ‘spiritual’ and ’emotional’ issues, but unless he’s being counseled by a priest or pastor or something for breaking his walk with his Creator, then I’m guessing it has more to do with HARD DRUGS instead. With regard to the whole ‘crater’ thing, come the fuck on. If that’s not pocked meth face, NOTHING is. Faces of Meth, guys. It’s all over little Crater’s grill.